Yang Shin: A Review

Yang Shin – I am about to rave about Yang Shin. If you are looking for a delicious, unique vegetarian restaurant in Taipei then go to Yang Shin. If you are not vegetarian and you want some good dim sum, go to Yang Shin. Since I am not the only person who has discovered how good the food, the service, and the ambiance are at Yang Shin, make a reservation or you won’t get in to enjoy the deliciousness.



Yang Shin is located near the SongJiang Nanjing MRT Station. It was easy to get to but took us a minute to figure out to get into the restaurant as it is on the second floor of another building and the entrance in at the end of narrow hallway through a bakery. Once you see the sign outside, just go in and look around, and you’ll figure it out.

We arrived a few minutes before our reservation, and they seated us on time. We sat and looked through the menu book – and it is a book, I kid you not. The menu is in English as well as Mandarin with plenty of pictures. Unfortunately, there were only two of us which was so difficult because we wanted to try so many different things and only had two stomachs to fill. *sigh*


We finally settled on five dishes: kung pao deep fried spicy stinky tofu, baked shaobing  with ji-cai, vegetarian xiao long bao, steamed vegetarian dumpling, and steamed rice noodle roll with day lily and lily bulb.


Kung pao deep fried spicy stinky tofu: The tofu was fried on the outside and soft on the inside, slightly sweet and a little spicy served with cashews and peppers. There was a lot of this, and we couldn’t finish it.


Baked shaobing with ji-cai: There were three buttery, flaky pastries with sesame seeds on top and a buttery, salty spinach filling. Truthfully, these were my favorite.


Vegetarian xiao long bao: There were three tiny, perfect dumplings that were made of silky, soft pasta with a savory, juicy mushroom filling.


Steamed vegetarian dumpling: There were three of these as well. They were slightly bigger than the shaobing and beautifully made in a shell shape with the same silky, soft pasta and a filling of greens (not sure what kind exactly but very good).


Steamed rice noodle roll with day lily and lily bulb: These were long, soft rice noodle rolls with the day lilies and lily bulbs inside. The texture was nice, but there was very little flavor. Out of the five dishes, this was my least favorite and the only one I wouldn’t order again or recommend.


Even though we were quite full, we still decided to get a dessert so we tried the pan fried pumpkin flannel cake. If you are looking for something really sweet, this is not for you. It is very good but only slightly sweet on the fried bottom with sesame seeds, a light pumpkin flavor to the dough, and a taro filling.

The texture and taste was very satisfying once I got past the expectation of a super sweet dessert. It does not resemble what I consider cake in any way but is more of a gooey, chewy mochi texture. I probably wouldn’t get it again only because there are so many other things to try, but it was very good.


Fortunately, I have a good friend here who is great at research and loves me! So when I did the 30-Day Vegetarian Challenge, she looked up interesting places to go. We didn’t make it to Yang Shin during that time frame, but it looked so good that we decided to make a reservation and go last night. It was such a treat. Thank you, Blair!