Taiwan: Fulong Beach

Since Taiwan is an island, I thought I’d be going to the beach a lot when I moved here. Um…no…because Taipei isn’t that close to any of the beaches and the trip to any of the beaches can be challenging with crowds. I’ve only been to a beach here three or four times now. Fulong Beach this past weekend was the best one I’ve been to so far because of the 2017 Taiwan Sand Sculpting Competition.


Up until this weekend, I had only seen sand castles built on the beach by families. This was so far beyond that. This was art.


I had the privilege of watching two men work on Spiderman, but I wish more people had been working. It was great. Sand sculpting is the right term, for sure. They treat sand like stone and sculpt it into shapes and figures and buildings.

They use water to make sure the sand if firm and stays in place then use a flat knife, a brush, and assorted other tools. The detail is amazing.


Like the eyes on this figure –


And this angel’s wings and hair –


Fulong, though, is more than just a sand sculpting competition. It is a beautiful beach with kayaks, sailboats, canoes, hiking trails, biking trails, fishing, surfing, paddle boarding, temples (this is Asia, after all!), people-watching, and a few restaurants. We got rained out so didn’t get to do much outside, but it is worth the hour or hour and a half trip from Taipei even to spend a few hours there. It’s also very inexpensive so it won’t break you to spend a weekend at a lovely and relaxing beach.

Check it out if you get a chance. It’s very quiet so don’t go there expecting a party! Go if you are looking for a quiet weekend surrounded by friendly people, the ocean, and the mountains.

Oh – and don’t forget the sunsets.


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