Job Hunting and Dating

Job hunting is like dating – and I hate both. I haven’t written in what feels like forever because I’ve been busy looking for a job for the coming up school year. I’ve interviewed with five schools, trying to find the right fit and what I discovered is that I feel like I’m dating.

There’s the search for a good fit. You want to be open-minded, though, because it may be different once you speak to someone about everything you see so you decide it’s worth a shot.

You send them an email to let them know you’re interested and attach your resume to give them a chance to review your qualifications and decide if they want to give you a chance as well.

You wait by the phone and check your email every five minutes hoping for a response.

Then they contact you! You get excited then nervous and wonder if you really want it badly enough. But now you’re stuck so you get ready for the interview.

You get dressed up, butterflies in the stomach, hoping it’s a good match.

You arrive early for the interview, not too early because you don’t want to look desperate, but you feel a little desperate because you want it so badly or you think you do or you at least want them to like you and want you on their team.

Then the interview. You’re nervous at first then you relax as you start talking and get a sense of the interviewer and the job.

Then it’s over and, once again, you’re waiting by the phone and checking email to see if you get another chance to impress.

They reach out and you have to decide: Is this the one? Do I continue or move on to the next one? Is it fair to go for a second interview if I’m not sure I want it? Is it fair when I know I have a second interview with a job I’d rather have?

It’s exhausting.

For now, I hope the job hunt is over and I’ve found The One (for the next two years anyway).  I’m waiting on a contract…still constantly checking email.

Unfortunately, I still have to put myself out there on the dating scene. But I actually think I learned a few things about dating from this interview process!

  1. It’s important to be yourself because, otherwise, it’s not the right job. You both have to be honest to make a good fit.
  2. It’s okay to say “no” if it’s not the right one for you and no one will get hurt. The sooner you say “no,” the better so they can move to the next one.
  3. You will absolutely feel it in your gut when it’s the right one.

Fingers crossed that the contract arrives soon so I can stop checking my email.


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