A Perfect Day

Sunday was one of those perfect weather days. The sun was out and it was hot, but it was also windy so you didn’t feel hot – one of those days. I love the feel of the warm wind and the sun on my skin. I decided to go for a bike ride on a bike path I knew of in Taipei.

One of the great things about Taipei is that you can rent a U-bike from different stands all over the city – and it’s very inexpensive. In addition, there are parks and trails all over the city as well. I went to one with a U-bike rental and entrance near the Beiman MRT.  It’s right smack in the middle of the city but feels like you left for a little while.


The views were amazing with the river trailing beside me (although the river was low and a terrible gray color but still glittery from the sun so beautiful in the way of water and sunlight). The city line surrounded the river and the trail and bridges arced over it, a constant reminder of the busy world beyond the trail. There were sections that were covered in trees with the viney trunks that I love offering shade and rest. A few spots busy and I nearly ran over someone once, but others were fairly empty and open.

I passed people fishing in the river, playing basketball and baseball and tennis in courts and fields placed in different areas along the way. There were children on scooters and passengers of their parent’s bikes, dogs running beside their owner’s bikes, people flying kites in open fields, putting on an amazing show complete with sound effects. It was a magical day.

Days like this make me forget about the cold, rainy days during winter when I’m shivering in my coat at my desk because there’s no heat at school. They make me forget about typhoon days when I’m sitting alone at home listening to the wind shake the building and howl outside for hours and wishing I could just go to sleep. They make forget about the terrible, humid heat of summer when I’m dripping sweat walking for five minutes from the mrt station to my apartment.

They are all the more joyful because they are not the norm. Days like this make me happy and grateful because they are a contrast to the days when the weather is miserable for one reason or another. I make sure to go out and embrace these days because I’m not sure when another will come along.

I went home after my bike ride and literally felt full to the brim with happiness. I know tomorrow may not be as perfect, but that’s okay. Another day like this will come along again, and I will make sure to enjoy it just as much when it happens.


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