Job Hunting

It’s been two days since I’ve written anything, and I’m antsy. I love that! I’m not sure I still have anything interesting to say, but I miss saying anything at all.

I’ve been job hunting. Job hunting is so fun! Actually, job hunting is the exact opposite of fun, but there is something exciting about it. Looking for new positions, interviewing, it lets you peek into and imagine yourself living different lives. That’s especially true for me right now as I look for a position with an international school.

Here in Taiwan, I have been working for the public school system. Although I’m teaching ESL, I teach grades 3 through grades 6 – all of the students. I am a supplemental teacher to the local English classes they get, and I don’t see the students often enough to really get to know them. I miss having my own students and building relationships and seeing progress.

However, I love teaching abroad so I’ve decided to move into the international school world. It’s been an interesting experience so far learning about the different curriculums and expectations. Teaching in an international school will give me the opportunity to further my teaching skills, develop relationships with students to really impact lives, and move forward in my career. Pretty awesome.

I’ve had two interviews so far – one in Turkey, one in Tawain outside of Taipei – and I have another one next week in Colombia. I have to research each country and imagine myself living there to see if I think it’s a good fit.

See, exciting! But also a bit stressful. There are so many unknowns, and life here in Taipei is so easy and nice. The people are friendly. English is common enough that I don’t worry about not speaking Chinese. I never run out of things to do and see. And I have really good friends.

But the job situation is not challenging enough.

So it’s time to move on next year. And moving on is always a mix of both exciting and sad as new beginnings also mean an ending. In the meantime, I get to keep peeking into new worlds until I find the next one I’ll be living in for awhile.

Wish me luck!


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