40-Day Blog Challenge

My friend Sarah mentioned that she was doing a 40-day blog challenge. I liked the idea and said I’d do it with her. Today is the last day – happy dance! Not that the experience hasn’t been wonderful, but TODAY IS THE LAST DAY! Yay!

Now, if I have a bad day or don’t feel well, I don’t have to feel guilty that I didn’t post. Whew. I did miss two days out of the 40 days: one for internet disruption and one for being sick. I think that’s pretty good. But I am happy to take a little break.

The first few days of the challenge were fun and easy once I pushed “publish.”

Then came the real work.

I had to pay attention every day to things I did and what I thought about the things I did or the things people said or what I was watching on television or what I was reading because I needed something to write about! AND I needed to post my opinions and thoughts for other people to read about and possibly judge.

Gasp and panic.

I found the last few days especially hard as I find I’m a little tired of my own thoughts and imagine my three or four readers are as well.

But the magical thing about all of this is that I found out that it doesn’t matter what other people think. I mean, it does. It means a lot if people like my posts, and I love when people connect to what I say.


I had to let go of the idea that each post had to be perfect or I would never post anything. And I had to let go of the idea that everyone had to agree with me or think I’m brilliant because, well, I would never post anything. And I had to post to do this challenge.

This challenge helped me push through my fear of putting my thoughts and opinions and feelings out there – my sometimes imperfectly or awkwardly stated thoughts and opinions and feelings. It also made me examine my world each day in ways that I wouldn’t have otherwise done, and I found myself more thoughtful about my choices.

So I would challenge you to try to write for 40 days. It doesn’t have to be public but write for 40 days straight about your day, your thoughts, your ideas. When you have to write something new every day, I think what comes out is more honest. There’s no time to prevaricate or come up with a different way of stating something or reconsidering an idea.

Hold yourself accountable to write every day by telling a friend or your mom or by posting your writing online.

You may surprise yourself as I did with what comes out. By being forced to pay closer attention to your world, you look at things a little differently. And, even if no one reads it, you will benefit from the analysis and you’ll have an interesting record of at least a month of your life.

Just do it! You can thank me later.



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