Modern Toilet: A Review

Modern Toilet is a well-known themed restaurant with 10 locations in Taiwan and one now in Hong Kong. My friend Sarah and I actually stumbled on one accidentally tonight in Ximending and, since it was on both of our lists to try, we decided to go in. There was only a short wait before we were seated at our table in the bathroom themed restaurant.


The table was a glass top set on two sinks with fake brown poo in the middle, and the seats were toilets. These were not chairs shaped as toilets but real toilets – and not very comfortable either! But we were there for the experience, not the comfort or food so we settled on our thrones to figure out what to order.


The food was reasonably priced, and they had a vegetarian hotpot so score for me! Our drinks were brought out – Sarah’s Coke in a urinal-shaped cup and my tea in a toilet. Although the poop designed tiles on the walls and the poop sculpture in the table didn’t really stimulate my appetite, I was sufficiently hungry to be ready when my food was brought out in a large gray toilet. Not visually appetizing, but it was surprisingly tasty.


Neither Sarah nor I had high expectations for our food, but we would both give it 3.5 out of 5 stars for taste. It wasn’t gourmet, but it was tasty and filling. We also got chocolate ice cream for dessert, served in a squat toilet. Yum – but yum! It tasted like brownie ice cream rather than simply chocolate.


Other people ordered giant ice cream and shaved ice dishes, but we were not hungry enough for that. It was highly entertaining, though, to watch people try. Almost everyone was taking pictures of their orders and of the restaurant itself.

There was a very nice mother and son sitting at the table next to us who were probably visiting from out of the country. They ordered one of the giant ice cream dishes and had me take their picture with it. I would say most people go to this restaurant for the novelty as we did.

I wouldn’t recommend it as a place to go regularly, but it was a fun one-time meal.

And, if you want to buy a souvenir, there are plenty of toilets you can get to go! They even had poop magnets, poop pens and poop key chains – all bestsellers, I’m sure.


My big question, though, is who came up with this idea? Bathrooms are where food comes out, not goes in, so who said, “Let’s create a toilet-themed restaurant” when sober and serious? And yet…10 locations in Taiwan and one in Hong Kong.

Guess it isn’t such a crazy idea after all.



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