Speaking Up

Politics. I’ve always stayed pretty quiet about politics. But this election has made that difficult. As everyone knows, this election has created divisiveness between people because it has caused people to speak up so passionately about candidates and issues.

I’ve tried to be quiet. I’ve tried not to let this election change how I feel about people. I’ve tried to tell myself that speaking up won’t do any good and will only annoy people.

I’ve changed my mind.

I think the way things are going that people have to get involved at this point. If we don’t, we are going to lose this country. We are going to give it over to a morally bankrupt, poorly educated, arrogant individual who only cares about his money and his image.

What is happening in our country right now is unprecedented. I believe with all my heart now that Trump’s presidency is truly undermining the values of our country and our rights as citizens. He is slowly trying to turn the presidency into a dictatorship.

I remember hearing my father talk about Obama and his executive orders when he took office, complaining that he was trying to overrule our democratic processes and be a dictator. Every president who takes office starts off with these executive orders. Obama was no better and no worse than prior presidents – but Trump’s executive orders are more poorly written and poorly thought-out than prior presidents and he publicly denounced a judge who was following the letter of the law when blocking an executive order.

A judge blocking a president’s executive order is not new. It’s part of the checks and balances we have in place and essential to the running of our nation. Trump cannot stand to have anyone get in his way and tell him he’s wrong. He’s trying to already put blame on this judge in case of a terrorist attack. If we have a terrorist attack, it will not be that judge’s fault.

Trump acts as if we had nothing in place to vet people entering our country. Of course we did! It has taken people up to several years to get into our country because of the vetting that takes place. We are in more danger from our own citizens than we are from a terrorist attack, especially if we believe the inflated murder rates that Trump quotes.

Living abroad has given me the unique perspective of hearing and seeing what other countries thought of and think of the USA and, let me tell you, no one thinks we are currently in a good place. They think we are a gun-toting, violent, rude, homophobic, xenophobic, greedy nation. And now we have a president running the country who matches that description and more.

Donald Trump is the most uneducated person we have ever had in office. He doesn’t understand foreign affairs or how to run our country other than looking at the bottom line. Running a country is about more than an expense report. It’s about taking care of people. And that’s the last thing Donald Trump cares about. He cares about his image. He cares about his bank account. He does not care about the American people or the country he was born into privilege in.

If you think otherwise, then you aren’t paying attention.

I was fortunate enough to be in the US during the Women’s Marches the day after Trump’s inauguration. I attended the March in Phoenix and was inspired and encouraged by the unity I felt. People were out there marching for different causes – the common thread being that all of these causes are threatened by the current administration. It created a sense of community and strength and togetherness for everyone.

The Women’s March wasn’t just for women and for women’s issues. The Women’s March was for humanity – for the environment, for education, for LGBQT’s rights and respect, for minorities’ rights and respect, for the disabled and, yes, for women’s rights and women’s respect.

The protestors are not whiny liberals. The last thing in the world that the protesters are is whiny. They are fighters, and they are fighting to keep the freedoms we currently have and to try to continue to move this country forward. They see – and I see – a president in office with an administration that is trying to move us backward.

The only way we are going to be able to stop this administration from damaging our country irreparably is to speak up and protest when we see something that is wrong.

Isn’t that what we want to teach our children – to speak up when they see something wrong?

Hopefully, by speaking out, we can influence the outcome in a positive way. Our country has been sliding into an oligarchy which is what created this mess to begin with, this feeling of powerlessness in the American people. It’s time we take back the country and make it a democracy again.


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